Facts to Know About Esoteric Martial Arts

Every society has to struggle with harsh emotions of the people living in it. The content of violence smoulders within them unless their unresolved and conflicting emotions explode. The martial arts were developed to control these unresolved emotions by tempering and forging their energy directly in a beautiful and useful form. They used martial arts as a method and an outlet to restore peace by transforming their emotions before they lash out them openly against someone.

Ironically, this form of art which was developed to make an individual peaceful has become a sense of internal strength to suppress the fire of his/her feelings of fear, insecurity and inferiority within sensibly.

The investigation about the nature of violence in the practice of martial arts is still continued. In fact human mind and body are used as laboratory in the martial arts. They try to open the secrets of your body by using experience and training as tools for revealing your heart and perfecting movements. This art provide you safe environment to experience bravery in the face of danger.

People get true knowledge about themselves and their fellow humans on the basis of this experience instead of any intellectual or speculative inquiry. All the philosophies of martial arts are based on the experience of one’s body. So you should look into yourself and your mind will reflect your good and bad qualities like a mirror.

In this way, it provides a framework which can be used as a tool for examining yourself internally. The results of these investigations are completely left on your discipline and feelings of your heart.

So many methods of punching, kicking or attacking on someone have been developed in martial arts since many centuries depending upon the climate, region, body type, religions and topography of their users. Some of them were used for close combats in urban areas whereas some were developed to be used by militia. Some were used by bodyguards to protect the passions of their rich employers and some by unruly slaves for protecting them from their cruel masters. Families and farmers trained their younger generation for protecting their fields whereas monks trained their disciples to protect their monasteries. In this way, the culture of martial arts has become indispensible part of every community as it can be used for defensive or offensive purpose as well as unarmed or armed war or sport.

The real meaning of esoteric martial arts is to know about traditional martial arts in Asia originated in northern China. Various forms of this art including extreme forms of fighting as well as ritualistic forms of this art used for medicinal purposes can be included in this category.

Facts about martial arts training

Training of mind: First of all they train the mind of the beginner to make them understand its use for medical purposes like acupuncture, knowledge of energy meridians, manipulation of body tissues, empowering mental concentration and anatomy etc.

Boosting natural energy: The second step of the training is to develop the natural energy of the candidate to enhance their fighting ability and health.