3 Stupid Martial Arts Injuries

Martial arts is a fancy sport when seen in movies or TV shows, but the reality is harder. When one is on the journey of learning martial arts, then the realization comes that it’s no ordinary art that can be learned in a month or two. It takes much perseverance and grit to get to some level in martial arts. In the way you’ll have to face distress,you’ll get hurt, and sometimes the injury can be a prolonged one. Yes, that’s absolutely true. While practicing martial arts, the person in command has to draw a clean line between safety and reality. But, if you are not going for professional martial art fights later on, then it’s better to avoid as much injuries as you can. Or rather, in any case you should at least not make any stupid mistake which may cause you to regret for life.

The first and foremost simple advice is not to train with an aggressive partner, coz’ if he got some additional moves in mind then you, and it has been a bad day for him; I needn’t say more. Now that’s just a preface, but let’s get into some actual defenses you can take in order to avoid some stupid martial art injuries.

Martial Arts Injuries

Straining your limbs, most often fingers

Hands are your most important gear in this sport, and if they get hurt it would be a trouble to get back to training soon. While hitting the opponent not only that person is getting a shack, but your fingers also get a kickback. Every action has a reaction and hence your hand gets a recoil force after hitting something. Even while guarding a punch or blocking a kick the small limbs of your fingers can get hurt badly. So, try not to jam your limbs while hitting or blocking an attack.

Guard the jaw

In actual fights you must have seen the knockout move, when a player smashes right on the face of the adversary. In such hits, the jaw gets dislocated as easy it as it is shown. In some martial art classes, I have seen people drop off their face guard and get a bad hit on their side jaw. Result being, within a fraction of second blood comes out of the mouth along with a piece of tooth. To prevent this stupid and rather very common mistake during the martial arts training you should first of all never train without a mouth guard and second, do not inhale exhale via mouth. Also, please don’t grin your jaw very tightly when your mouth is closed.

Spraining knee or ankle

Another common injury while training for martial arts is getting hurt either in the knee or the ankle. People feel it can easily be avoided by training on soft mats, but that is not true. It helps but not completely. Sometimes your foot might just get stuck in the mat or grass itself and you’ll feel immovability. Nothing much can be done in this case except relaxing your muscles instantly and getting a massage in the affected area.