Why I Practice Martial Arts and Not Yoga

oga and martial arts both are ancient practices used since ages to keep mind and body in a fine health. While yoga has its roots in India, martial art draws its background from China. Many people follow these both and claimed to live a beautiful and more sorted life after joining any of these. Both yoga and martial arts have some common principles which make their followers lead a positive life.

Why I Practice Martial Arts and Not Yoga

So, let’s first have a look on the similarities of yoga and martial arts. They both provide body conditioning and induce more strength in you, one does it by forceful movements and the other does that by breathing techniques. Also, both yoga and martial arts practioners have a very very flexible structure. When we looked into their history and origin places both these forms are centuries old and have an immense knowledge tank to be learned. When one goes to learn either of them, he has to devote an entire life to it and be an eternal learner of the art form. They can’t be mastered in a month or two, they need to be learned through much determination and endurance. One bit comic thing I noticed which is common between yoga and martial arts is that they both let you wear free sized lower wear.

But even after loads of similarity some people prefer martial arts over yoga. Almost all the things yoga teaches can be grabbed in martial arts also, but there are certain things especially found only in martial arts. The first of them being self-defense. There is no provision of learning this skill in yoga. And in this world full of uncertainties, I feel self-defense is a must to be learned skill.

A very basic and crucial difference I found out between these two is something that will make you choose between yoga and martial arts right now. Yoga on one hand makes one attain a balanced and controlled life, which is good. But, martial arts in addition to this lets you maintain a balance in life when your adversary is continually trying to destabilize you. Yoga is a strong form of physical activity, allowing you to keep inner calm even when outside things are not favorable. But there are certain situations in life which are out of our control, in such circumstances simply upholding certain subtleness is not enough. One needs to fight for survival in such scenes. Martial arts gives you the strength needed to withstand strong and fierce storms of life.

You must have heard the saying iron cuts through iron, and so applies with us also. When you train against a person like you, it is an obvious fact that you’ll gain more strength. You gain endurance in yoga also, but you are training all by self, lying on the floor trying different flexes and all. Yoga sets you apart from the common heard and then gives you power, while martial arts makes you stay powerful amongst the crowd. So, it’s your pick now make a good one!