Why Wear Shoes When Practicing Martial Arts?

Practicing any art is good for work out and maintaining the routine of practice is the thing which increases strength by time. Martial Art is not an art that can be mastered in a day or two, that constant practice is necessary to gain the mastery. The similar importance lies in making your practice safe and wards off the unwanted injuries.

Why Wear Shoes When Practicing Martial Arts

Our feet are the core of our practice and a minute injury to the knee can disrupt the practice. While running, or jumping or kicking or taking any frequent movement, your knee gets prone to injury. Some self-defense academy tries to incorporate the practicality in their training and it is a norm to wear shoes there while practicing. They say, that unfortunately if you get into the problem and have to physically confront anyone, you are likely to be in your shoes. It is, therefore, necessary to practice with shoes. This way you can also get confident with your kicks and moves and easily avoid injuries.

For example, while practicing round-house kick or mawashi Geri kick, your standing foot glides forward quickly and rotates frontward, while your kicking leg stretches off in air rounding your body sideways. A little lack of coordination in moving your standing foot, while lifting your heels off the ground, can overstretch the tendons and make the gruesome injury to your knee.

Which shoes should be wear, and why normal running shoe pair is not okay for your practice?

In Martial Arts, you practice same movements, at least hundreds of time, to make an instinctive action, this requires a good pair of shoes which are lightweight and allows the proper range of motion for your ankles to move. The normal pair of running shoes is made flexible at the balls of the foot, which absorbs the pressure while striking foot over the ground. They also need to be lightweight for the longer practice, as excessively tired leg can make a negative impact on your exercise. But every kick at Martial Art is different and requires the great range of motion for ankles, whereas running shoe support ankle to prevent it from twisting while on an uneven surface. Find more information about running shoe at spryshoes.com/best-budget-running-shoes.

Some styles of Martial Art makes requires low and long stances, where feet are needed to glide across the floor. Therefore, you must wear a flat, smooth sole which is not too grippy. A grippy sole can make you feel sticking to the ground. If you are practicing spin kick, grippy shoes disallow the gliding movement leading to injury.

Conversely, if your style uses shorter steps, you must wear grippy shoes. If you feel confident in the grip of shoes, it will advance your practice to next level. Keep in mind all Martial Art style need free movement of your foot and ankle.

How to ensure, shoes are fit?

Generally, our one feet is larger than other. You must ensure that the shoe is fit to the larger one and there must be 3/8'' space between the tip of the shoe the longest toe. Ensure your heel must fit comfortably and should not slip. Walk in your new pair of shoes, do light jumps and few kicks to ensure, there is a good fit.